At Foxfurd, we design and tailor conservatories and garden rooms to be not only aesthetically beautiful but also as a genuine extension of your liveable home space and therefore your lifestyle in general.

There is a common perception that a conservatory is nothing more than a fancy greenhouse that gets too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. However, if your conservatory or orangery extension is designed professionally and then constructed properly, it can actually provide that often crucial, extra living space for comfortable year-round use.

Perhaps you want a new building for extra kitchen space or even an entirely new kitchen. Maybe you have some extra dining space in mind or perhaps you just want an extra living area to retreat into and relax as you enjoy the view of your garden. With careful planning and with the help of Foxfurd's many years of experience in design and building, those dreams of a truly bespoke conservatory can be wonderfully realised.

In safe hands with Foxfurd’s design team

Our team of designers and builders work closely with customers and clients to ensure that every aspect of their new conservatory specifications are met and completed with the minimum of fuss. In our back catalogue of work we have completed projects both large and small, from the simple and traditional, to the most up to date and contemporary designs, incorporating all of the various available materials, from engineered hardwood, thermally-broken aluminium to all of the latest technologies in glass.