This project involved the total renovation of two properties to create one large family home, including the removal of the rear wall and centre wall of the property.

This created room for a new open-plan kitchen and living space to be added by way of an orangery. While the interior was modern and comfortable, the exterior was designed to echo the natural colour of the old The client was looking to extend a recently-built property to link the large family kitchen to the lounge and extensive gardens, creating a dining space and relaxing area.

Access to the new orangery was to be via new internal doors from the kitchen, replacing the existing external door. Further access to the lounge was created by removing the existing window and brickwork below, leaving a clearspan open doorway. This work to the formerly external wall of the house was tailored to blend the orangery seamlessly with the existing building, and finishing touches included matching the new internal doors with the orangery doors and frames.

The large glazed structure was to be built to be used all year round and with the fenestration similar to the house windows. Colour was also an important consideration, to complement the reclaimed brick and existing painted windows.stone and the shape of the building's window frames. To complete the effect, the external framework colour was matched to the scheme chosen for the main house.

This produced a sympathetic extension to an older building and completed the transformation of the two houses into a graceful whole.